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1 About - RE/DESIGN

Redesign Business

Where Business meets Design and Innovation

 Who Are We?

Redesign Business is a strategic innovation and service design company! We link Business and Design, Context & Technology, Behaviour & Growth and Trends & Insight.We help corporate companies to redesign their culture and business under the light of innovation and lead them through their creative transformation journey.

How did our journey start?

We all have great ideas. Ideas that we want to make happen. Yet, it is not as easy as you imagine. In this innovation age lots of ideas die even before they get real because of the challenging implementation process. As Re/Design Business we wanted to change this and aid companies to make their innovative ideas happen to enhance their services.

What do we want to achieve?

If we have to sum up in two words, sustainable innovation.

As Re/Design Business we know that it is not only about ideas but also how to make our ideas sustainable. Therefore, we aim to keep innovative ideas alive and transform them into a never ending journey.

Why are we different?

We don’t see ourselves only as a guide for our customers but also a partner, a friend. We know that it is not about leading corporate companies to achieve what they want. Therefore, as Re/Design Business we position ourselves as a guide, an advice-giver, a friend and a co-worker.

We developed our own methods to make service design process as enjoyable as possible. With the workshops we organize, the companies we work with don’t consider this journey as a workload but an opportunity to improve their skills and company. In addition to this, we believe that we empower the loyalty and belongingness of employees to their companies.

Re/Design Business method aims to end a project maximum in 100 days, because we do believe that it is the most efficient duration to make ideas and a new service real without losing the track and desire.