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Ideal for 

-Setting The Strategy

-Alignment of the Strategy

-Telling The Strategy



-Digital Engagement & Interaction Tools   -Workshop Cards

Specially Designed Per Customer



-On Premise / Physical

-Number of attendees: 5-45 




Base Concepts


-Strategic Learning

-Corporate Empathy

-Mindflow Techniques

Workshop in a Nutshell

The essential job of strategy is to create an intense focus on the few things that matter most. Our Strategy Workshops are designed for creating and implementing winning strategies and modifying those strategies as the environment changes.

These workshops can be run as:
• a part of a project (in some cases these workshops will be used for designing the new strategy. They are an essential part of a long-running Strategy Transformation project)
• a standalone workshop (in some cases strategy is already set. The workshop is designed for strategy communication, strategy alignment, or change management)

Reference Use Case​

Our reference use cases include:
Standalone “Strategy Workshop” examples:

• "Strategy Alignment Workshop" with a leading global pharmaceutical company. We built the workshop agenda to align the subsidiary strategy in parallel to recently changed global strategy.

In-project “Strategy Workshop” examples:

•  “Situational Analysis Workshop”: The essential first step in strategy creation is to generate key insights into the external environment and the organization’s own realities – those brutal truths that will enable the organization to make the best choices. These insights are generated by conducting a Situation Analysis, followed by a dedicated workshop. 

•  “Strategic Choices Workshop”: Strategic Choices define what the organization will and will not do, based on the insights generated in the Situation Analysis. They ensure your organization operates with an intense focus on the few things that matter most. 

•  “Strategy In Action Workshop”: Implementing your strategy starts with the translation of your key priorities into gaps and accountabilities. 

•    “Strategy Transformation Workshop”: Total business system (structure & processes, culture, people, measures & rewards etc.) behind the strategy should be aligned.

•    “Strategy Communication Workshop”: Merging strategy and storytelling we focus on how to mobilize the well-defined strategy. The mission is to develop a simple leadership message, communicated repeatedly, that wins the hearts and minds of all key stakeholders.

We ran all these workshops for several companies.

If it is time to rethink your strategy,  reevaluate your strategic priorities, or align key stakeholders, contact us.

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