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Finance Services / Payment


Multinational Financial Services Company


How can we redesign the value proposition of the debit card to meet the current digital needs of the customers?



Design Thinking

Ethnographic Research

Creative Ideation

Value Proposition Design
Business Design
Prototype Design
Experiment Design

Analytical Validation

In-Project Workshops


Kick-off and Alignment Workshop

•  Design Thinking / Ideation Workshop

Idea Prioritization Workshop

  Project In A Nutshell

• Led by the Bank’s Consumer Business Marketing Group

• Stakeholders included

          - Finance Institution

          - Bank’s Product Marketing Function

          - Support Functions

• Ethnographic Research

          - 15 1-to-1 Interviews

• Analytical Validation was done via CRM Systems

• Synthesis 

          - Insight Cube

          - 8 Dimensions of Debit Cards

• Design Thinking / Ideation Workshop 

          - 40+ participants

          - 8 topics from Debit Cards Dimensions

• Solution Design

          - 120+ ideas generated

          - Creative concept designed

• Experiment Design

          - Top 41 ideas selected to test with the real customers

          - 20 prototypes designed and developed under one concept solution

          - 8 different pilot campaigns designed and implemented

• Selected 6 ideas went to live within 6-18 months 

If you have a complex and hard to solve problem, 
and you have difficulties on where to start, contact us.

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