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Financial Services / Banking


Leading Multinational Bank

Consumer / B2C Banking


How can we minimize customer churn?


Business Design

Design Thinking

Qualitative Research
Analytic Validation

Corporate Empathy

Project In a Nutshell

Led by the Consumer Banking Group and CRM function

Stakeholders included

- 1 Business Unit 

- 2 Support Functions

 Qualitative research

- with 10+ existing customers

- with 10+ churn customers


 A New Churn Tendency Model based on customer insights

4 categories

- 8 archetypes

 Analytical validation together with the CRM team

- several iterations

 Together with the project team, we developed robust initiatives

- to gain newly acquired customers 

- to retain existing customers 

- to minimize churn 

 A holistic customer oriented churn management program is designed

If you have a complex and hard to solve problem, 
and you have difficulties on where to start, contact us.

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