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FMCG / Bottling Company


Leading Multinational FMCG Company


How might we be the preferred partner of our customers by shifting traditional customer service approach; not just selling or delivering but caring for them?



Customer Experience Design 
Business Design
Design Thinking
Customer Journey Map

Ethnographic Research

Corporate Empathy

In-Project Workshops


 "Speed Ideation" with Groceries

 "Speed Ideation" with Restaurants

 "Speed Ideation" with Distributors

 "Idea Marathon" with Leadership Team

Project In A Nutshell

Led by the Customer Service Group

 Stakeholders included:

- 3 Business Units

- 4 Support Functions

 Corporate Empathy

- 21 Stakeholders

 Target Segments

- Traditional Channel / Groceries

- On-premise / Restaurants, Cafes, Kiosks

Ethnographic Research   

- 20+ 1-to-1 qualitative interviews

- Truck Experience / 60+ shop visits 


- Customer Pain / Gain Points

- Jobs To Be Done

 Customer Journey

- As is

- To be

3 Speed Ideation Workshops

- 30+ groceries

- 30+ restaurant owners

- 20+ distributors

97 ideas generated

- Ideas are segmented and prioritized

- 20 ideas were detailed

- 8 ideas selected to implementation

 A Brand New Customer Service Model is designed

- 2 domains

- 16 engagement areas

If you have a complex and hard to solve problem, 
and you have difficulties on where to start, contact us.

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