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Leading Energy Joint-Venture


How can we improve the moving experience which is also seen as starting a new life?



Design Thinking

Ethnographic Research

Corporate Empathy

Value Proposition Design
Business Design
Prototype Design
Agile Implementation

Customer Journey

In-Project Workshops


Kick-off and Alignment Workshop

  Design Thinking / Ideation Workshop

Idea Prioritization Workshop

Experimentation Workshop

Customer Journey Design Workshop

  Project In A Nutshell

• Led by the Company’s Customer Experience Unit

• Stakeholders included

          - Innovation

          - Branch Offices

          - IT Unit

          - Marketing

          - Support Functions

• Corporate Empathy

          - 30 in depth interviews

• Synthesis 

          - 8 Dimensions of Moving Journey

• 10 Weeks Acceleration Program 

• Design Thinking / Ideation Workshop 

          - 30+ participants

          - 6 Categories

          - 3 concepts 55 ideas

• Validated with a digital prototype

• Experimentation

          - 2 types of experimentation (Landing page, Customer Interviews)

          - 5 different assumptions tested

• Implementation

          - Promotion and demonstration in 3 branches

          - 30+ new moving operations

If you have a complex and hard to solve problem, 
and you have difficulties on where to start, contact us.

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