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Image by Jason Coudriet



Ideal for 

-Inside the organization

-Together with the ecosystem

-Together with customers



-Digital Engagement & Interaction Tools   -Idea Visualization



-On Premise / Physical

-Number of attendees: 5-45 




Base Concepts

-Brain Storming

-Visual Thinking

--Mindflow Techniques

Workshop in a Nutshell

Innovation starts with ideation. This workshop can be used for generating ideas within the organization or with third parties, namely customers, partners, students, ecosystem, press etc. The focus can be near future or far future. It is a highly energetic, creative and engaging workshop. We generate 50-80 ideas per workshop.

It can be:
- a part of a program (e.g. within our "Tomorrow Reports"), 
- a project (e.g. "Rethink Insurance" project with a leading insurance company), 
- or standalone (e.g. "Future of Clothing" workshop with a leading denim company)


Reference Use Case​

This is one of our favorite workshops.

Standalone “Speed Ideation” examples: 

•    "Future of Clothing" with a leading denim producer
•    "Rethink Home-care" with a leading pharmaceutical company
•    "Designing a Loyalty Program" with a leading airport operator
•    "Future of Payments" with a leading financial institution

In-project “Speed Ideation” examples from the “Rethink Insurance” project 

•    "Rethink Insurance” with the leadership team of the Insurance Company
•    "Rethink Insurance” with Human Resources leaders
•    "Rethink Insurance” with Wellness Ecosystem

In-program “Speed Ideation” examples from the “Tomorrow Reports” initiative

•    "Future of Retail” with teenagers, Generation Z
•    "Future of Retail” with white-goods resellers
•    "Future of Retail” with Retail Ecosystem
•    "Future of Human” with Medical Students
•    "Future of Conversational Interfaces” with Language Experts

Innovation starts with ideation. 
If you want to generate out of the box ideas, contact us.

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