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LeadingGeneric Pharmaceutical Company


From winning in a given playing field

to seeking leadership in a new environment



Strategy Design

Leading Change
Strategic Transformation

Cultural Transformation

Change Management
Strategic Learning

Corporate Empathy

Design Thinking


• Kick-off and Alignment Workshop

 Strategic Choices Workshop

 • Key Priorities Workshop – every year  Strategy in Action Workshop

 • Strategy Communications Workshop

Project in A Nutshell

• Led by the Chief Strategy Officer

• Stakeholders included

          - CEO

          - 12 Directorate

          - 1100 Employees

• Corporate Empathy

          - 39 face-to-face interviews

• Strategic choices are made. Key priorities are set.

• Inclusive strategy mobilization is done via the name FORA.

          The name has 2 meanings:

          - Platform where ideas and views can be shared / exchanged

          - “All aboard” in sailing

• Strategy in Action – Tactical plans are developed via 118 active participants

          - 4 Fleets

          - 20 Sailing Boats

          - All directors and people managers are involved

• Closing the gap

          - Detailed plans are done per sub-initiative

• Strategic Transformation

          - 100-day sprints per key priority

          - Accountable teams

          - Regular follow up

• Progress achieved in all key areas

• FORA gatherings

          - Regular all-employee meetings

          - FORA newsletter

          - 75th year summit

• Strategy cycle refreshes in 100-day sprints and annual planning

If you have a complex and hard to solve problem, 
and you have difficulties on where to start, contact us.

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