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Financial Services / Banking


Leading Multinational Bank


How can we renovate our banking system in order to trigger deeper relations with our customers?


System Design

Design Thinking

Etnographic Research

Mindflow Techniques

UX / User Experience

UI / User Interface

Corporate Empathy

In Project Workshops

System Design Workshops

• WS1: Gain Clarity

• WS2: The Deep Structure

• WS3: Find Leverage

Validation Workshops

• WS1: Corporate Banking

• WS2: SME Banking

• WS3: Consumer Banking

• WS4: Investment Banking

Customer 360

The mission was to transform the existing system from operation-centric to customer-centric. The system had to be redesigned based on the hierarchy of end-user (RM) needs, customer centricity, and bank's own realities. 

In addition to that, the original system was designed for consumer banking but was being used by all business units including corporate and SME banking. The new system needs to be structured on the realities of B2B and B2C Banking.

With the leadership of bank’s CRM Directorate, we ran the project with the steering of Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking, IT, and Quality departments. 

Our project was composed of two phases. 

Phase 1 was for discovery. After a series of face to face interviews, we discovered major development areas. With the help of a series of system design workshops we detected underlying patterns. Setting the alignment, we found ways to leverage the system.

Phase 2 was for design. We designed the new User Experience infrastructure for customer engagement. There were four main editions of the customer card specialized with the needs of Business Unit. On the other hand, all these cards had a similar look & feel with lots of common-denominators.

Bank’s project group continued with a 3rd phase to develop the new system based on the designed architecture. Today, the system is live. RMs are happy. Business Units are happy. 

In A Nutshell 

7 CXOs in Steering Group

Sponsored by 4 Business Units

Delivered by 3 Support Functions

Corporate Empathy - 142 Interviews

Phase 1 - Discover - 100 Days

Phase 2 - Design - 100 Days

Phase 3 - Implement - In-house 

23 Prototype Iterations 

Validated by 80 RMs

If you have a complex and hard to solve problem, 
and you have difficulties on where to start, contact us.

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