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Retail / Clothing Stores


Leading Multinational Retail Company


How can we manage

delivery-related complaints

in the e-commerce channel

after Pandemic effectively?



Customer Experience Design

 Customer Journey Map

Service Blueprint
Business Design
Design Thinking

Ethnographic Research

Analytical Validation

Corporate Empathy

In-Project Workshops


Kick-off and Alignment Workshop

Complaint Journey Workshop

  Project In A Nutshell

Led by the Customer Experience Group

Stakeholders included

- All Business Units,

- E-commerce Unit,

- IT functions,

Ethnographic Research

- 6 1-to-1 Interviews

- 50+ Call Center Records

Customer Complaint Scenarios Developed

Analytical Validation was done via Customer Systems

Synthesis - How Customer Think

- Insight Cube

- 6 Dimensions

Customer Journey Design

- Complaint Journey Map with sketch

Service Blueprint

- 5 steps 

- 32 sub-steps from first touch-point to last action.

Solution Design

- 6 different solution approach developed  

Implementation plan

quick wins

long term

If you have a complex and hard to solve problem, 
and you have difficulties on where to start, contact us.

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