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Telecommunication / Telecom Operator


Leading Multinational Telecom Company


How might we

redesign our invoices

in order to

minimize customer complaints?



Customer Experience Design 
Business Design
Design Thinking
Customer Journey Map
Analytical Validation

Experiment Design

Ethnographic Research

Corporate Empathy

In-Project Workshops


Kick-off and Alignment Workshop

Customer Journey Design Workshop

  Design Thinking / Ideation Workshop

Idea Prioritization Workshop

Experiment Design Workshop

  Project In A Nutshell

Led by the Customer Operations Group

Stakeholders included

- 2 Business Units,

- 2 IT functions,

- 2 Support Functions

Ethnographic Research

- 23 1-to-1 Interviews

- 44 Shop Interviews

- 39 Call Center Observations

Customer Scenarios Developed

Analytical Validation was done via Customer Systems


- Insight Cube

- 6 Dimensions

Customer Journey Design Workshop

- Billing Journey

Design Thinking / Ideation Workshop 

- 50+ participants

- 6 topics from Insight Cube

Solution Design

- 240 ideas generated

Top 26 ideas selected to implementation

Experiment Design

- 6 experiments to validated with real customer 

Invoice Redesigned

All selected 26 ideas went to live within 6-18 time frame

All project targets are achieved


If you have a complex and hard to solve problem, 
and you have difficulties on where to start, contact us.

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