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An Executive’s Guide to Big Data


Data is the new petrol. Are you ready to discover your potential?

Yiğit Kulabaş, PhD* 


August 11(2016) is a special day for me. It is my 25th year anniversary in business world. In this quarter of a century strategy and technology have become as close as ever. Thereby, new business models were created, new consumption patterns and alternative sales channels that we couldn’t have imagined have emerged, customer experience was designed from scratch and digital and physical world started to integrate.

Whilst we welcomed too many new terms to our lives, some has never changed. Big Data is a good example. The first company I worked for was NCR. In those days we used call Big Data as Data Warehouse and offered it to companies in finance and retail sector. When I was working at Oracle and Microsoft the popular terms were “data mining”, “OLAP”, “business intelligence”. And in those years I worked at Ericsson and Turkcell it become “big data”.

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