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Service Design


It is not about the products anymore. Services are the rising star of 21st century. Therefore, businesses should change their business models from product-oriented to service-oriented. We offer our help to our customers during this transformation and even beyond.

Why Service Design? 

Innovation is not only about technology but more importantly it is about people. We live in a human-oriented era. People are right at the center of everything, even the technology. With the rise of the Internet and advanced devices, people started to get a service even from the simplest objects in their lives such as lamps or even their alarm clocks. In order to reach that center and start an innovation journey, businesses should think people-oriented, emphasize with their target audience and offer them services to make their world better and richer.

What methods do we use?

We follow a 4 step journey to redesign the future with our customers.

In the first phase of our journey we do an extensive research as an external eye and gather insights to discover the potential and detect future opportunities.

The second phase of our journey with our customers is ideation, where the design process starts. We focus on idea generation and prototyping. Here again, we run workshops with different groups, in order to listen out the target audience and generate innovative ideas to fulfil the needs. Workshops are important, since we believe that innovation is about co-creation and out-of-box thinking. Under the light of analysis and research data of Investigate Step and the output of co-creation workshops, Service Blueprint Map is designed to show all interactions and touchpoint of customers. In this step we use two different main tools namely; value proposition and business model canvas.

We dreamt, we designed and now it is time to execute. After generating ideas and deciding on which idea to focus on, the third phase of service design journey starts – Implementation. This step is all about creating a detailed design for the idea, development, user testing and deployment. First we ask three important questions to make sure that the right idea has been chosen. Can we do this? Do they want this? Should we do this? After making sure that we are on the right track, the feasibility study and high level implementation plan is prepared to ensure the business impact of service. As a result, we provide our customers with a service prototype, feasibility study and a step by step implementation plan.

The final stage of service design – Iteration – is about giving and collecting feedbacks about the service we designed together and test it to see whether we need to do fine-tunings or change the fundamentals of the service. At the end of this stage, we provide our customers with field test analysis and report and final design project report.