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KOCAER GROUP commenced its operations in the iron and steel sector in the early 1960’s in Denizli. KOCAER ROLLING MILL, the first company of KOCAER GROUP, established its second and third facilities in the Aliaga Region/Izmir in 1996 and 2008 respectively.  Having higher objectives, KOCAER ROLLING MILL has increased its total annual capacity to 600.000 Mtons with the modernization investments. 

With export activities in over 100 countries, the KOCAER ROLLING MILL holds a significant place in the sector, and was included in the top 137 Largest Export Companies according to the Turkish Exporters Assembly since 2015; the 84th on 2015 with an export turnover of more than USD200 million.

DREAM: A new market

Innovation triggers businesses to act faster. In order to survive in this business environment, companies should decide and act faster, be open to change. Yet, before entering new markets it is important to change the company culture and think globalized. Therefore, Kocaer started a transformation journey to adapt its culture and business models to global business world. The mission was to build a disruptive business model to redesign the business.

DESIGN: A new business model 

After doing an extensive research and analyzing the existing steel market in Turkey and in world general, we started an ideation process to find the gaps and generate ideas to fill those needs.

We ran several workshops on developing the value proposition and the new business model. The new disruptive business model aims to conquer new markets. 

EXECUTE: A path to transformation

We developed a step by step business plan for a successful execution and went through the plan with different departments. The project will not only help to conquer new markets but support Kocaer to be a supported by the Turquality Program.