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KOBIL Security Systems is a Germany based company offering third generation online security solutions and opens a new dimension in the use of web and mobile apps by its applications.

DREAM: A broader portfolio

KOBIL wanted their customers to discover their full range of products and services portfolio, whilst energizing the sales force with more attractive and inspiring offerings.

DESIGN: A new communication

People’s decisions are context dependent. Too many and complex choices make people feel insecure and paralyzed. Choice architecture is the art of helping the customer to make a decision.

While implementing the choice architecture rules, we used the human-centered design principle. We believe in empathy. We engaged with the customer base and the sales force directly and analyzed both sides of the picture.

EXECUTE: A new structure of portfolio

We developed a need-centric portfolio structure. The company launched the new catalog with a well thought communications campaign.

In order to track the development of the project and guide KOBIL a mentor was assigned.