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Research and Insight


Business world is full of opportunities. Yet, it is all about discovering these opportunities. But how? Research is the key for evaluating the existing models and services and opening a new path in your business. It is usually harder for businesses to do this step on their own, since it is quite challenging to evaluate something that you belong. That’s why we are here for you!

We offer our customers to do research for different purposes such as evaluating their already existing business models and services or as a pre-research phase to find the gaps and discover new opportunities.

What methods do we use? 

We believe that it is all about people. Since businesses touch people’s lives,  it is important to talk to people, listen to them and most importantly understand them. That’s why we first, examine the available quantitative data and related information to see the big picture and have a general idea. Thereafter, we run face-to-face interviews among customers, dealers and partners. Interviews are the best way to engage with people and offer them a free space to express their thoughts, feelings and needs. 

In our second phase we detect the ethnographic characteristics based on our interviews and observe the B2B touchpoints in order to map the relationship between customers and businesses. 

As a result of our research we provide our customer a pre-research report that evaluates their current situation and highlights the gaps needed to be filled. This pre-research report serves as an introduction document to discover the future opportunities.